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Stella Ornelas

Editorial Photographer

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— Stella Ornelas

Stella is an award-winning editorial photographer. Her work has been published in hundreds of global publications. She is best known for architectural and high fashion photography.


— Photography

MNaz Building

An architectural marvel at the heart of the city

Gauknom Hotel

The famed 300-year-old hotel in Santa Solana

The Grasmoore House

A local curio that attracts tourists far and wide

High Fashion

— Photography

TMan Mag

June 2025 Cover

Zorwee Online

July 2025 Top Story

The Myres Journal

August 2025 Front Page


— Photography

Living Leaves

Details and textures

Great Sequoia

Close-ups and macro shots

Harmony in Nature

Organic and earthy tones


— Stella Ornelas

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